Nov 09 2007

DC Unlimited Figures

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In the mail today arrived several World of Warcraft models that were designed and produced by DC Unlimited. These highly detailed models stand 8″ tall and include weapons.

Here we have an Orc shaman named Rehgar Earthfury. The model features nice detail and the wolf helm comes off to reveal the face and head.


 This stoic Dwarf warrior is known as Thargas Anvilmar. I’m sure when he is not in a tavern drinking you could find him adventuring in the mountains of Khaz Modan.


Last but not least, we have a nasty looking Undead warlock named Meryl Felstorm.


I’m really happy with the quality and detail of these models. DC Unlimited has several more coming out before the end of the year and I’ll definitely have to check them out. More information on these and other Warcraft models is  here.

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