Oct 31 2007

WoW Halo 3 Battlegrounds

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The new World of Warcraft Halo 3 battlegrounds are pretty cool. Pitting WoW players against Halo 3 players is a great idea. I’ve been playing “Covenant IV” and am getting pretty good at taking down the Scarab tanks.

Here are some tips:

Start Game
The other team starts with two Covenant Type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platforms (a.k.a, scarabs). With dual cannons these things can send your entire team to the graveyard in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately fight form and flying mounts are not allowed in this battleground so you have to use other modes of transportation.


Hitching a Ride
This is the guy to talk to for a ride out over the battlefield. Hornet pilots are pretty good at following orders, however don’t spend too much time in the air because the Hornet isn’t particularly sturdy and will not stand up to repeated fire by a scarab gun.

The Hornet aircraft can take two passengers in addition to the pilot so grab a healer if possible before take-off.

Going in Hot!
If things go well, the Hornet pilot will take you in over the nearest scarab. You don’t have to worry about the main cannon because it can’t shoot high enough to hit you. You do need to watch out for the top cannon which can easily target you during your approach. 

Rawr Bomb
When you arrive over the Scarab jump off and try to land on the upper deck. The enemy probably saw you coming and will likely be waiting for you on deck. If possible, charge an enemy on the way down to avoid falling damage. The Hornet jump can be tricky because both you and the scarab are moving.

Clear the Deck
You’ll need to clear the upper deck of enemies as quickly as possible. It turns out that the Covenant plasma weapons don’t hurt Druids too bad so don’t be afraid to take a few rounds in the face. If there is a brute chieftain on deck take him out first.

Head to the Engine Room
After you have cleared the upper deck head around back using either of the side walkways and then enter the doorway. Do not waste time going down the ramp to the lower deck. Any enemies still alive down below will die soon enough.

Blow the Engine Core
You should now be standing in front of the engine core. Bash the core a couple times, if you have the rage, or just hit it repeatedly until it explodes. Once the core destabilizes, turn around, run out the door, and jump off and away from the doomed scarab.

Run Away!
Once you hit the ground keep running until you’re well out of range. You’ll have 5-7 seconds before the massive explosion that signals the end of the scarab. If you made it out in time you’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction for having taken down one of the Covenant’s largest armored vehicles!

Remember, there is no time to /dance because the enemy still has one more scarab.

I’ll let you figure out how to take that one down. Good Hunting.

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  1. Slyceron 31 Oct 2007 at 6:03 am

    Is that the Half-Life 2 Portal gun that I see in the background of the 2nd pic? – Sly

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