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This page contains some drawings set in the World of Warcraft that I’ve made over the last couple years. Once in awhile I see something in the game that piques my interest and I spend some time on a drawing.

Holiday Card 2007
This is a holiday card I drew for my World of Warcraft Guild in 2007. My main character (a Night Elf Druid) has a Panda Cub pet which is fairly well known in the guild. For this year’s card I made a drawing of Panda with a mini-weighted companion cube from the game Portal. I know it’s crossing two games, but given the popularity of Portal and the Weighted Companion Cube I figured it would work.


Holiday Card 2006
This card depicts Panda Cub, my Druid’s faithful travelling companion, curiously looking at a tree ornament. The picture began as a hand sketch and then was completed in Illustrator with a bit of Photoshop for effects.


Honeydew Portrait

Here is a portrait of Honeydew, my Night Elf Druid in World of Warcraft. In this picture she is wearing a full set of Stormrage Tier 2 armor.

Druid Forms

Druids have the ability to transform into various animal forms including bear and aquatic which are shown in the below drawing.

Druid Feral Forms

Spirit Healer
Here is my version of the Spirit Healer from World of Warcraft. This picture started out as a hand sketch and then was finished in Illustrator. Spirit Healer

Nether Drake
This picture is of a Nether Drake which was introduced in the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade expansion. The drake was done in Illustrator and placed on top of a hand painted watercolor background.

Nether Drake 

Whenever I’m in Darkshore I always stop by and pay a visit to my favorite bear Grimclaw.



Most of the above pictures started out as hand sketches on paper. Here is an example of what some of those looked like:

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