Nov 05 2007

Blizzcon Tavern Music Performance

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Here is a video I took of a cool musical performance at Blizzcon this year.

The song, which starts about 90 seconds in after the introduction, is a Celtic folk piece called “Deepwater” and is the in-game song heard when you enter the Deepwater Tavern at Menethil Harbor.

YouTube Preview Image

I shot the video at the “Sound/Music” panel. That panel was part of the developer track which featured talks by people in the various disciplines (e.g., cinematics, music, development, etc) who work on the game.

During the panel, they had a surpise appearance by David Arkenstone and his band. Arkenstone had been commissioned to write a collection of tavern songs for the World of Warcraft which is available on the “Taverns of Azeroth” CD pictured below. It features 19 songs that are heard in taverns across Azeroth. A review of the CD can be found here.


The “Sound/Music” panel was in a small room and I happened to be sitting in the front row which was a great spot to watch the 30+ minute performance.

I hadn’t heard of Arkenstone prior to that panel, but he is apparently a well known composer (nominated for several Grammy awards). He and his band played a few songs the next night at the big Video Games Live concert finale.

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  1. Alexanderon 02 Mar 2008 at 5:17 pm

    No, that’s okay. I just thought it was kinda funny, was all. ^_^

  2. DougOon 02 Mar 2008 at 9:51 pm

    Sorry, Alexander’s original comment above was incorrectly deleted as spam. He was noting that the CD picture above was taken by him (from an ebay auction). It’s true, I did borrow his picture after the one I took of my CD did not come out nearly as well. It’s weird, I did a google search and this appears to be the only picture of this CD on the entire internet now.

  3. Alexanderon 19 Jun 2008 at 12:51 pm

    😀 I think it’s cool that this is the only picture on the net. I can always show my friends and family this picture and go, “That’s my carpet! lol!”

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