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Jun 10 2008

The Worlds Most Awesome Cashews

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wasabi1.jpgA few years ago I discovered the most awesome cashews while shopping at Uwajimaya in Bellevue.

While in the snack isle I came upon a 21-ounce plastic jar of wasbi cashew goodness. The product is the Dan-D-Pak Wasabi Cashews which, as the name implies, are wasabi covered whole cashews which are both very spicy (in the wasabi way) and extremely tasty. 

The only problem with Dan-D-Pak Wasabi Cashews is that they are frequently out of stock. I spoke to the stock manager about it one day who told me they frequently have problems obtaining the product from the supplier.

If you’re into cashews and love wasabi, I highly recommend giving the Dan-D-Pak Wasabi Cashews a try.

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